The Hakuna Matata acrobatics center in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, needs your help to stay open during these unprecedented times. 

Originally founded by Winston Ruddle, well known as Papa Africa, the director who brought you Cirque Africa and Cirque Mother Africa, 


The Hakuna Matata acrobatics school first started as an underground acrobatic school in 2003 but has since grown to be home to many of Africa’s top notable Acrobatic circus acts since 2003.

Papa Africa has personally funded Hakuna Matata acrobatic center from his own pocket and has trained and given opportunities to more than 1000 African underprivileged children, 70% of whom have gone on to have successful world-class Acrobatic careers.

However, the current Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions have greatly affected the show business in a significant

significant way, with all shows around the world closed and all artiste contracts for 2020 and possible 2021 canceled due to coronavirus and the effects of social distancing.

The Entertainment industry is currently suffering a major economic blow never seen in our lifetime and given the fact that show business will be among the last to recover from the effects of the pandemic, we kindly need your help to keep the hopes and dreams of these young artistes alive.

So, whether you can donate $1, $5, $10 or $100, we would be more than grateful. Our current shortfall for the year 2020 to mid-2021 is around US$40,000.This is to cover the following critical monthly running costs, the monthly costs 

Please Raise awareness online / and on the radio to share information please help. Help Support the overhead costs to ensure we are able to survive this and continue existing after this! I envision that the effects of COVID-19 will stay with us until for a very long time or until a vaccine is found I believe the whole landscape of the show business industry is going to change forever never in our lifetime has anything like this ever happened.

 I've seen the effects of the 911 attacks in NewYork and how that affected the show business industry I've seen. the effects of the, 2008,  2009,2010  global crisis but we managed to survive both but during those times we were able to at least still make a living during those times and still get an income but with the covid19. pandemic's totally different the pandemic has totally wiped out all sources of income. 

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